Gold Coast Bereavement Resource (available to download in PDF)

Care for Life members in collaboration with Doris Zagdanski (Author & Grief Educator), Mental Health & Specialist Services, Gold Coast Health and Jas Rawlinson (Author & Presenter) are very pleased to have completed a new updated resource: Support and Practical Guidance for those bereaved by suicide - this is a free Gold Coast resource and is available in the downloadable pdf below.  We are also hoping to get a printed version in the very near future and have applied for a grant to enable this.

Thank you to our community partners and to the many people who generously contributed to this book.

Downloadable PDF 


Downloadable PDF 


Pathways Gold Coast Response Service

Pathways Gold Coast Response Service (PGRS) was established to fill a much needed gap on the Gold Coast and is an initiative of  Care for Life Suicide Prevention Network and Lifeline to support those bereaved by suicide through an outreach service.  Pathways commenced in November 2016 after considerable consultation with Queensland Police Service (QPS) and Queensland Ambulance Service  (QAS) and a start up grant from Wesley LifeForce.  In 2017, PGRS is a Police Referrals Services Provider.


If you are bereaved by suicide (or affected by someone who has taken their life by suicide), PGCRS can send out a couple of support workers to your home, or a location that is convenient, to provide emotional support at this traumatic time.  Alternatively an appointment can be made with a support worker in Broadbeach. 


Please call Ph: 55 796008  Mon-Friday, 9am-5pm. 

Gold Coast Service Finder Card

The Service Finder Card was developed by Gold Coast Suicide Prevention Network GCSPN as a joint project with Qld Police and Ambulance Services and Wesley Mission.  The project was funded by the Qld Police Services Gold Coast as it was identified that supporting individuals and families in crisis situations was of prime importance to the Police and Ambulance Services personnel.

Studies have revealed that connecting with appropriate services to provide assistance is vital to supporting individual’s long term. If they are in a crisis situation eg having lost someone to suicide, experiencing suicidal thought, or have been involved in a life threatening situation, connecting with appropriate services is vital.

A pocket/wallet sized card was produced to enable the services to handout when needed. 

The card continues to be updated and is available regularly with the latest reprint to be undertaken in March 2019.  A copy will be updated on website soon.  Please contact us should you wish some service finder cards for your service.  (Service Finder Card located on bottom of Projects section)

Youth Info Card

Care For Life has developed and distributed the Youth Info Card since 1998 the card has since been updated and reprinted nine times - we have produced well in excess of $1.49 million cards over this period. .


The wallet sized card is available for distribution to young people throughout the Gold Coast. Organisations who access the card annually are State and Independent High Schools, TAFE Colleges, universities, public libraries, youth and community groups and government departments. Gold Coast Junior Council over the years have played an active role in supporting the card with the support of other organisations and grants.  The aim of the card is to provide young people with easy access to information on services available to them particularly in times of crisis.


Research has shown that young people [males in particular] do not always ask the older generation [parents, teachers] for help when they need it.   Surveys conducted in the past have shown that young people locally had very limited knowledge of services available to them.


Continual enquiries from schools and service providers indicate that there is a continual and ongoing need for the cards to be available for distribution throughout the Gold Coast and we are proud to regularly update this in conjunction with other organisations such as Headspace and Gold Coast Youth Council.

Youth App

Under construction currently and soon will be available on Google Play and App Store

Qld Police Rail Program

The Qld Police Rail program is a collaborative project with other organisations such as Headspace, Lifeline, Qld Health, Wesley Mission which involves handing out mental health information to commuters at peak times and offering support if required at Gold Coast rail stations.