Education & Training in suicide prevention is also a major role of Care For Life.

Training courses are available to individuals and organisations within the community each year at a minimal cost to attendee's. Courses are designed to assist those working with 'at risk' individuals e.g; youth ,males, older people. Suicide Prevention Training Programs are tailored to meet the needs of individual groups. The workshops are suitable for persons over 18 years of age and participants can be volunteers working with community (youth or aged groups), concerned families/parents/friends, community and youth workers, health, welfare & educational professionals, clergy and concerned individuals. 

Topics covered include:

  • Knowledge and attitudes - myths versus the facts

  • Causes of suicide

  • Protective factors

  • What to look for

  • Risk factors

  • What to do

  • Referral services and resources

  • Bereavement support


The response received when courses are offered indicates strongly that workshops must be maintained on an annual basis. Emphasis is placed on those working in a voluntary capacity who do not have access to professional development funding.

Suicide prevention workshop

Wesley Mission Queensland works closely with the Care For Life Suicide Prevention Network and regularly provides suicide prevention training on the Gold Coast. Open the link below for details of upcoming workshops.